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Product Upgrade Announcement

Author:admin Source: Date:2014-08-14 09:55:56 Hits: Label:
Dear Customer:
Film market in recent years have brought continued good hot box office revenue, while the State to promote digital cinema, as film screenings of major supplies ---- xenon lamp, has been monopolized by foreign brands, expensive, become a burden on many theater. In order to break this monopoly, our company after three years of technical research, becoming the first professional production of digital xenon lamp enterprises, and through the world's leading digital movie machine giant Barco's certification authority, the two sides signed a global strategic partnership agreement from Division I to Barco OEM sales.
We also successfully developed a for Christie and NEC digital cinema projectors special light bulbs, more than 30% market share. But we have not stopped the pace of progress, continuous improvement to upgrade our products, recently a new breakthrough in quality, solve the problems of the long electrode coating problems. I broke the monopoly of foreign technology companies, innovation, high-tech material handling technology, effectively reduce the xenon lamp working electrode surface temperature, so that the output arc is more stable, higher brightness, and reduce the loss of the electrode, thus extending lamp life, narrowing the gap with foreign products.
My company is committed to providing our customers the most cost-effective high-quality xenon lamp, lamp life and provide three packs of service quality within the period (including reflector bowl), to reassure customers, peace of mind, said carefully used.

With: download attachments
1, Barco Technology test report
2, supporting the major studios Digital Cinema, Christie and NEC, the use of xenon lamp machine report